Australia’s biggest Telco is doing everything they can to stop their customers falling victim to online scams with Telstra’s “Cleaner Pipes” initiative now blocking a staggering number of SMS messages, Phone calls and Emails every month.

Telstra has revealed for the first time just how big that task is, with on average 7,600 emails being blocked every minute!

Between January and October this year the telco blocked on average 332,000,000 emails each month. These are emails that contain malicious links, have malicious software embedded or attached and are likely to cause harm to the recipient.

Using advanced Machine learning, Telstra’s systems are using reputation lists (known bad actors in this space) along with attachment and link scanning to push the dodgy emails to the side.

And it’s no mean feat, they’ve got a lot of emails to deal with. That 332 million figure accounts for about 38% of the incoming emails Bigpond customers receive – putting the daily total Telstra sees at something like 29 million emails according to our calculations.

But that’s not the peak of it – On Black Friday, Telstra Bigpond customers received 59,000,000 emails – yep, that Black Friday Deal was a must have! That’s 75% higher than the average Friday.

We already know that Telstra isn’t just scam blocking on email, the company is also blocking some 10-15 million scam phone calls every month, and over 61 million scam SMS messages.

They’re doing their best, but the scammers still do get through, so stay alert and vigilant on your emails and text messages folks!