Canon Australia has announced the launch of a personal photo printer, the SELPHY CP1500. This new compact and wireless photo printer not only brings your memories to life with beautiful colour prints but also helps to preserve them for a long time thanks to a protective coating it applies on top of each print.

The new compact Canon SELPHY CP1500 features a large LCD display which, along with large hardware buttons, makes the printer extremely easy to use. You can print to it from your smartphone, camera or computer at any time or you can even print from an SD card or a USB flash drive.

Printing sizes are not limited to the standard sized print but also include postcard sized, credit card sized or even mini stickers prints allowing a lot of flexibility in what you are printing for.

The smartphone app includes iOS, iPadOS and Android support and can access images that were uploaded to the cloud from other devices. At any one time an unlimited number of devices can be connected to the printer with pairing via a QR code quick and easy. You can also apply your own flair to the photo such as borders, text, and overlays using the app.

As mentioned above, once the Canon SELPHY CP1500 has finished printing it will apply a “special overcoat finish” to protect the photo from water, dirt, colour fading and fingerprints — the photos will also last for “up to 100 years” when stored in an album!

The Canon SELPHY CP1500 is a great way to bring your memories to life — and a long life at that. It will be available from October in black and white colours at a RRP of $239. For more information, head on over to the Canon website.