PAX Aus is a gaming festival for all type of gamers — tabletop, arcade and video gaming — and this year it will take place in Melbourne at Jeff’s Shed (MCEC) once again from October 7 to 9. They have now announced the schedule for events for the weekend with appearances by your favourite streamers, professional gamers and more.

Available over at the PAX Australia website, the list of sessions includes gaming stars, exploring the latest and greatest in the gaming industry, highlighting insightful talks, freeplay opportunities, tournaments, signings, meetups, community events and more.

Notable highlights include:

  • “The Great Debate: Remakes and Reboots are Killing New Ideas” where panellists of gaming experts, comedians and others will debate whether the reboots and remakes are a good or a bad thing.
  • “Whose Voice is it Anyway? Hosted by Guy Cunningham” where two teams of Australia’s leading voice-over talent will battle each other in a live voice-over game show panel.
  • “How to Pitch Devolver” — Devolver has partnered with several Aussie gamers in the last 18 months with devs talking about what it takes to join the Devolver team. If you are a budding game developer this is one you should not miss.
  • Viva La Dirt League Q+A — The Viva La Dirt League crew is on stage to answer all your questions.

PAX Aus 2022 will once again take place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (Jeff’s Shed) from October 7-9. Tickets are still available for Friday and Sunday so if you love your gaming and don’t have a ticket yet you can still jump on board. If you already have your ticket you can check out the schedule online or via their app which you can download here.