Appliance maker Philips has shown off their latest range, the Eco Collection, of small appliances, starting with the Eco Collection 5000 Series Toaster and Kettle. 

Both the Eco Collection 5000 Series Toaster and Kettle are priced at $129 each, and are the first sustainable breakfasts set made from bio-based plastics from plant oil waste. The bio-based plastics are recycled cooking oil which has reached the end of its useful life, with the oil recycled into bio-based plastic granules which are then used in the making of the Eco Collection. 

Geoff Hannaford, Country Manager, Australia and New Zealand, Philips Domestic Appliances said 

“We are seeing more Australian consumers willing to purchase eco-friendly products and pricing can often be the secondary consideration. Our ambition is to eventually create a complete Philips Domestic Appliances collection of products designed with sustainability in mind. By introducing bio-based plastics made from used cooking oil, we contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, we help to reduce water pollution, we limit overall use of soil resources (meaning a lower impact on food production) and we create products with parts that are recyclable.” He added, “We are also pleased to partner with EcoMatcher, an innovative platform that allows consumers to track and watch their trees grow in a transparent way. Our vision is to grow our Buhay Forest in time thereby offsetting our carbon footprint and at the same time, help the planet and local communities.”

The appliances also qualify for a tree to be planted thanks to a partnership between Philips and EcoMatcher. The tree is planted by EcoMatcher’s NGO partner in the Philippines, Fostering Education & Environment for Development (FEED), which you can track in an app.

The Eco Collection 5000 series toaster has up to eight browning settings, with reheat and defrost functions and comes with a handy crumb tray and removable dust cover for storage. The Eco Collection 5000 series Kettle has up to 1.7L capacity with an easy to read level indicator – both appliances come with automatic power button for energy savings.

Philips new Eco Collection appliances are currently available from Australian appliance retailers like Bing Lee.