TPG Telecom has today confirmed that they will be switching off their 3G mobile network on 15 December 2023, giving customers a chance to prepare for the move to 4G and 5G services.

TPG has seen a big decline in the use of their 3G network with more and more devices supporting full 4G and 5G services. The shutdown is part of a strategy to provide users with better speeds and greater functionality and given that their 3G network only carries less than a percent of their mobile data traffic it seems most people are ready for it.

“We have announced the December 2023 switch-off date in the best interests of giving our consumer and business customers the appropriate time and support they require to prepare for the move to superior mobile technologies like 4G and 5G,” said TPG Telecom Chief Technology Officer Giovanni Chiarelli.

The shutdown will only impact a small number of customers who have 3G-only devices but TPG Telecom will be informing those affected customers and working with them to help them switch over their services to 4G and 5G in time for December 2023.

Vodafone customers with 3G devices are encouraged to visit their closest Vodafone store or call 1555 to discuss upgrading their 3G device. For more information head on over to the TPG Telecom or Vodafone website.