I love what smartwatches offer, but they also sometimes struggle to appeal to a more niche audience of large watch lovers, traditional watch lovers, and users with advanced health, fitness and outdoor activity needs. Enter the Apple Watch Ultra – a brand new version of a product that has really only evolved since it was first launched.

Apple’s COO Jeff Williams says this is inspired by the “explorers” and “athletes”, saying “we created an entirely new category of Apple Watch designed for new and extreme environments — it’s the most rugged and capable Apple Watch yet,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer. “Apple Watch Ultra is a versatile tool that empowers users to push their boundaries with adventure, endurance and exploration.”

This is without question different, every other change to the Apple Watch has been stretching the size, the screen and changing materials.

Apple Watch Ultra is completely new. While the “squarish” look of the Apple Watch screen remains, the entire thing has a new form. The screen sits within a huge 49mm case, and the screen is completely flat.

The case is made from Titanium, not the first time Apple has used that in a Watch, but in this case it allows for a large, strong case, but without excess weight.

Importantly, the case is actually a fraction taller than the screen, helping protect it from bumps and knocks.

At 2000 nits – two times brighter than any other Apple Watch the retina display is stunning.

This isn’t just to get your messages on at the office or beach, this is designed for endurance athletes, hikers, bushwalkers, even divers – so many more.

Because in some of the most extreme temps and situations there might be gloves in use, it’s also been designed to be usable with gloves, that’s where the Action button on the left side comes in.

Set it to be your “Start workout” button or so much more.

There are three unique new wrist bands, the Trail look for the hikers – the thinnest Apple Watch yet.

Then the Ocean Band is for water sports – including extreme ones, with a titanium buckle and spring loaded loop.

Finally the Alpine Loop has two layers including loops, which you connect the clasp to via it’s G shape designed.

GPS is improved with dual-frequency sensors, both L1 and L5 so your location accuracy will be next level.

You can backtrack by simply following the watch hoping to help with that fitness as we approach the new years.

This Apple Watch Ultra can operate from -20 degrees up to +55 degrees. in terms of how rugged it is, it has a Military spec standard for its Rugged features.

Certified Waterproof to WR100 this thing is dive ready. Ridiculous diving features for a basic dive or scuba.

The main thing here is that this is powerful, rugged, looks great and will be available in-store on September 23.

Hope you’re siting down, the Apple Watch Ultra will set you back $1,299.

We’re keen – stay tuned for a full review.

Trevor travelled to the United States as a guest of Apple.