Do you make enough mistakes in your typing to justify paying $6.99 per month to Twitter for the ability to edit your tweets? Well, if so, the Edit Tweet function is now available to Twitter Blue subscribers in Australia.

Launching first in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand the function allows paying subscribers to the “Twitter Blue” service to edit a tweet that’s already been sent up to 5 minutes within 30 minutes of sending the message.

Users can choose “edit tweet” from the three dot menu on a single tweet – in both the app and on the twitter website, and then simply re-write or add to an existing tweet.

In my testing this morning, it works really well, quite simple.

Importantly, all the edits you make – similar to edited posts on Facebook – are available for anyone to view on both the web and app.

If you’re on the web and a tweet has been edited, it will grey out, and show that a newer version is available.

Overall, nice, works well, and the clarity around what’s edited is great.

Remember folks, people can still see how badly you stuffed up the typing on the original tweet ok:)

From what we can see, each edit is actually an all new Tweet in the twitter database, as suchm apps liek Tweetbot will show all the edits as individual tweets.