If you know EFTM, you KNOW we love the Apple AirTags, probably one of the best gadgets we have today. So of course they are one of our favorite things! Thanks to the legends at Try and Byte, we’ve not just got a four pack of AirTags but some awesome accessories for them too!

All these things and many more are available at Try and Byte, but for our winner we’ve got a set of four AirTags, and three great devices to help you find the things you need.

From Elevation Labs, the Pet Collar Mount means if your dog goes walk about you can get an idea of where they’ve gone!

Then the Elevation Lab Wallet Compact Mount because finding your wallet is pretty important!

And then Elevation Lab Surface Ultra Rugged Mount which you could put on your chainsaw, paddle board, esky – whatever you need

Today’s winner will get it all. If you want some for your AirTags, head to Try and Byte!

Each day’s giveaway is a whole new competition, so you have to enter on that day to be in the running for that prize! But, it’s not a requirement that you enter every single day’s prize – up to you which ones or how many you enter! So – get the EFTM app, get your EFTM ID on the Win Page in the app then enter below!

For your chance to win:

  1. Download the EFTM App for Android or iPhone
  2. Register for an EFTMID on the WIN page
  3. Enter your EFTM ID in the form below.
  4. That’s it!

The winner is Graeme Wyburd from NSW – congrats!

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