This morning Apple revealed the biggest update to iPad in many years, if you don’t count the new models and variations like Pro and Air that is. The “iPad” is the starting product in the lineup and the new one gets the look of the “Air” with four colour options and a price tag of $749.

Importantly, the 9th generation iPad is staying on-sale at Apple, mainly because that $749 price tag is way too high to be the starting point, so the $549 price of the 9th Gen is a great level, though many will be wanting for the new iPad design and colors and power.

With a 10.9 inch display, this iPad pushed the boundaries of the device far more than it’s predecssor as iPad farewells the home button, with the finger print sensor and TouchID located on a side button, not dissimilar to the iPad Air.

Under the hood is the A14 Bionic Chip, a bump up in power and Apple like to say “five times faster than the best selling Android Tablet” though in reality that’s not a great benchmark overall.

Updated cameras offer a 12MP front and back, and it’s powered by a USB-C port as the rest of the lineup minus the 9th generation iPad are.

Available in Blue, Pink, Silver and a new Yellow, it features WiFi 6 (Not 6E) and 5G is available.

Prices start from $749 or $999 with 5G, and it goes on sale today with avilability October 27.