RØDE has updated one of their most popular USB microphones, releasing the NT-USB+ with new internal features you’ll never see but will hear, and a modern USB-C interface.

The NT-USB is well regarded as a USB microphone, but boy it was started to get dated, with a big, chunky USB-B connector. Welcoming the NT-USB+ updates the classic but also adds a solid refresh to the performance too.

USB-C makes this a microphone for the future, while the use of more recently acquired and introduced RØDE Revolution Preamp technology offers a pro level sound and clarity, and a DSP offering 24 bit 48kHz audio.

The other key technology RØDE has been implementing across it’s product range where possible is the APHEX audio processing, which allows for the compressor, a noise gate and their “Aural Exciter” and “Big Bottom” effects controlled by the Rode Central software.

Given the USB-C connection and the on-board capabilities, the NT-USB+ is also able to be plugged directly into an Android phone or any iOS device with the right cable – meaning you could record audio in garage band, or on any audio app.

Two dials on the side allow you to directly adjust the headphone output volume, and the mix between your mic monitoring and the level of your PC output.

It’s an out of the box solution for a genuinely professional sound, with the simplicity of USB-C. You’ll find the RØDE NT-USB+ Online for around $299 or less.