SBS has taken on the entire coverage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, a particularly good idea after the debacle that was the last attempt with Optus hosting some games exclusively on Optus Sport.

Not the Twitter Whale, SBS’ version of “oops there’s a problem”

But fans of the World Game and the USA and English teams in particular got a rude shock and a shiver of concern this morning when it all went dark online.

SBS Free-to-air TV viewers were unaffected by the glitch but widespread reports confirmed that everyone had an issue when streaming the game on SBS On Demand.

SBS On Demand is currently the #1 Free to download App in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

That’s thanks to SBS’ decision to broadcast all games Live on TV and via SBS On Demand with no other streaming platform involved.

And it’s working. Between 300,000 and over 600,000 people are streaming games via SBS On Demand – numbers that are clipping at the heels of the Television broadcast numbers.

A massive success by any measure.

Until this morning.

Did we have another Optus Sport drama on our hands?

No, according to EFTM sources at SBS, it was simple Human Error.

This was confirmed by an SBS Spokesman in a statement to EFTM, saying “We are aware that viewers of the SBS On Demand FIFA World Cup stream experienced a drop-out during this morning’s England v USA match.

This was caused by human error. A member of our technical staff inadvertently interrupted the stream requiring it to be restarted, which meant viewers needed to restart their streams as well.

Linear TV viewing wasn’t affected and, as always, full replays, mini matches and highlights are available for replay on SBS On Demand. 

We apologise to all affected viewers.

Hard luck to the die hard fan at SBS who just couldn’t stand to watch it any more.

We’re betting that won’t happen again.

Congrats to everyone at SBS Sport for an outstanding coverage thus far, despite this glitch.