I was just as confused as you are right now but believe it or not the Australian Open will be home to a Fortnite tournament! Huge move for the eSports industry in Australia.

They’re calling it the Fortnite Summer Smash and it will take place over Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th of January alongside the Australian Open.

The real test here will be which gets more views! A potentially controversial statement but these gaming events pull HUGE numbers, especially online. The global audience simply can’t be ignored.

This event will feature some of Australia’s best Fortnite players with a total prize pool of $400,000! One of those competing for the cash is gamer ‘Loserfruit’ who has over 1 million followers on popular streaming platform twitch and is recognized as one our nations best;

The Fortnite Summer Smash is a big step in the right direction for Australian eSports and will draw huge attention from fans of the game.

The solo competition has a total of $400,000 prize money and is works out to be;

1st place – $100,000
2nd-3rd place – $50,000
4th-6th place – $25,000
7th-10th place – $5,000
11th-15th place – $3,000
16th-20th place – $2,000
21st-100th place – $1,000  

Which is awesome! So keep your eyes peeled for more on the tournament in the coming weeks including the best ways to watch.