You’ve got to think Elon Musk has been living under a rock right? Has he really just realised that Apple charge a 30% commission on all revenue in the App Store?

He’s called it a “secret tax”

Can’t be too much of a secret if we’ve written about it here thanks to the battle between EPIC GAMES the makers of Fortnight and Apple – right?

But given Elon’s plan to make Twitter an almost entirely subscription based service, we think he’s done the numbers on how much he might lose here.

Let’s just spitball this. 200,000,000 users. If 3% subscribe to Twitter Blue, pay $8 USD per month, that’s almost $600,000,000 USD per year. But Apple’s cut if they were all on iPhone – $172,000,000 in the first year, half that in years after.

It’s not chump change.

So Elon has declared war – publicly

Musk also says Apple has threatened to withhold Twitter from the App Store would would mean no new downloads or sign ups.

But if you dig far enough, you can see exactly what triggered Elon today. He lost an advertiser.

Yep, Apple, like many other companies, has withdrawn their advertising on Twitter.

And, as someone who uses TikTok daily, I can tell you I know where their advertising money has gone. Yep, TikTok.

Good luck getting that money back on the platform Elon.