It seemed appropriate to celebrate the “12 Days of Christmas” somehow in 2022, but after the excitement of our “Favourite Things” just over a month ago, we didn’t think giving away another 12 prizes made sense.

So, we had another idea. Howie, one of our moderators, suggested we give to charity. Love it.

We’ve got $3,000 to donate over 12 days, that’s $250 per day each day for 12 days.

All we want from you is, to know who we should donate to.

Fill in your EFTM ID below (get one in the EFTM App), and tell us which Aussie Charity you’d like us to donate to, and we will choose one.

You can come back every day, for 12 days, and you can nominate more than once.

We ask for your EFTM ID so we know we’re getting nominations from our readers, listeners – not randoms who are taking advantage of this moment of giving.

So – let us know! Who should we donate to today!