Have you noticed anything about the latest mobile phones?  Great cameras – tick.  Big screens – tick.  Latest processors – tick.  Colour choices – tick.

It’s remarkable how important design and colour has become in the world of tech, people far more stylish than me are loving what we can now do to customise our look.

In the world of Mobile, there’s your “seasonal” colours which is what I call those base colours the latest smartphones come in.  For example, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra comes in Burgundy, Phantom Black, Phantom White or Green – and for those who jump online and buy from Samsung, there are three other colours – Graphite, Sky Blue and Red.

Those exclusive colours will make you stand out, and give you something unique that might suit your style more than a traditional colour. In fact, you can customise and pick your perfect colours for the front, frame and back of the Galaxy Z Flip4 in the Bespoke Studio. You can create your favourite look from up to 75 colour combos.

With headphones it’s similarly like the revolution of colour TV.  Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 Pro come in their seasonal colour Bora Purple (Lavender), as well as a Graphite or White.  Galaxy Buds2 also come in an Olive and Black.

If those don’t suit, the Galaxy Buds Live are available in six colours including Mystic Blue, Mystic Red and even Mystic Bronze!

The rise of the Smartwatch might be the original tech fashion accessory, with the interchangeable watch-bands creating a market for a new look every day if you wanted.  You might opt for a style for weekdays vs weekends, or you might have a band that matches a specific outfit.

Fabric, two-tone, silicon, metal, you have so many choices with Smart-watch accessories.

And it even hit the kitchen. Your fridge doesn’t have to be silver, white or black, with Samsung’s Bespoke range offering a range of colours, styles and textures. Think light pink, navy, sky blue, beige – and this is just the beginning.

Bespoke also lets you colour your clean. The Jet Stick vacuum with an Integrated Clean Station is designed to stand out in a misty white, woody green or midnight blue.  

So your next gadget purchase doesn’t have to be bland, make it match your personal style and personality.

This article was written and published as supported editorial – articles we’re keen to write, but might not have had the resources to do without the support of our sponsors – in this case Samsung