Lots of people ask me “why doesn’t my tablet have a USB port” and the answer is normally that the device simply can’t handle the space that USB would take up – plus while it might be important to you it’s not really a huge issue for most people. As the use of digital music, videos and other files continues to grow alongside our drive to be portable the need to move files around will increase – SanDisk have the perfect companion for you – a Dual USB Drive.


On one side: A traditional looking USB plug.

IMG_0955In the Middle: What looks like a tiny little thumb drive storage, with capacities of 16, 32 and 64 GB.

On the other side: The answer to most of your problems – a Micro USB plug. That same plug as your common smartphones and tablets are using today.

Importantly, all these comments are based on your not having an iPhone or iPad – those are not supported by Micro USB so you won’t have any joy just yet.

However for Android phone users this is fantastic. Priced between $50 and $100 depending on capacity you simply plug it into your PC and grab files, then plug into your phone or tablet and using the SanDisk Memory Zone App you’ve basically got what we used to think of as “File Manager” on Windows. You copy and paste files all over your memory options.

SanDisk Dual USB Drive - It's also TINY

SanDisk Dual USB Drive – It’s also TINY

With many phones coming with small amounts of memory and some even not adding the ability to increase capacity with MicroUSB cards the option to move your files about as you need them on and off the device is very appealing.

All you need is a device which supports OTG (On the go) as a feature, which is most Android smartphones and tablets these days.

The SanDisk Dual USB should be in stores across the country in the next two weeks.

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