Been needing to charge $17,999 for your services via an in-app purchase but couldn’t because Apple didn’t allow it? Wait no more, coming soon App Store prices will allow charges from 39c right up to $17,999.

This could be a massive smother to cover up a range of increased prices dropping around the App Store as developers look to cover higher costs and inflation right now, but it’s also a big deal for developers who have been stuck in a very rigid set of price options offered by Apple to choose from.

Now, purchases can be 39c, and go up in 10c increments to $9.99. There are also 50c increments from 49c right up to $49.99 and the thresholds for the gaps in ranges grows as the prices rise, with $100 increments between $1,799 and $9,999, and $1000 increments from $10k up to that new top limit of $17,999.

What on earth is being charged there, we don’t know, but we suspect in niche fields like mining, industry, medical there are Apps that provide critical services to users, which they will subscribe to via in-app purchase.

In addition to these over 900 different price points, you’ll also see new roundings of prices. X.99, X.00, X.95 and X.90 now options.

Developers offering a global business via their App can now also pick a single currency to hook their prices to.

So instead of having to adjust all store pricing at the time of any price rise, a developer can choose a store (say Australia), and have all the other regions fluctuate based on the currency fluctuations across those markets.

Not a big deal for users, but for developers these are important changes.

What you should do as a matter of habit is login to your account on the App Store and Manage your Subscriptions, just to check what the rates are and when they renew, as prices might change between now and then.