Apple don’t mess with success. The current design of the iMac has lasted eight years – probably because it still looks sensational. The 2020 iMac looks the same, but it’s packed with new generation tech including enhanced video and audio that’s made for 2020.

Who will ever know at what point Apple decided to upgrade the “FaceTime camera” to 1080p, but you’d have to say it’s remarkable they’d launch the upgrade in the midst of a global pandemic which sees us relying more than ever on video.

And at the same time, those Zoom calls and Facetime meetings will be made easier because the audio is ehnanced too with a three-mic array on board.

In part this is for the detection of “Hey Siri” commands, but in reality it’s helping make video calls easier to hear for those on the other end.

I tested this a bit, and the results are quite amazing.

Here’s the 2017 iMac audio alongside 2020 in a video editing timeline:

Audio waveform comparing 2017 and 2020 iMac audio

There’s a huge boost in the volume. Huge. And the clarity is exceptional.

As a side note on the above, the 2017 recorded two channels in Quicktime, I’m unsure if the 2020 iMac just chooses a different default or if there is a setting. They were both running different MacOS version too.

The video though – that’s a remarkable step up.

Here’s my 2017 iMac – a frame from a video recording:

Screenshot from a video recorded on the 2017 iMac

Looks like every video call you’ve had – if your nightmare is a video call with me.

Enter the 2020 iMac and take a look at this:

Screenshot from a video recorded on the 2020 iMac (looks way better)

Unquestionably better.

This, plus new speakers make this an all round video and audio machine – not just for video calls, but for watching movies and shows as well.

While there’s a lot to love about the 2020 iMac, this for me is the defining feature – video and audio.

Now, of course, ordering a new iMac, you’re getting 10th Gen Intel Core i5, i7 or i9 Processors, all with serious speed.

Radeon Pro Graphics are pro level and you can throw in up to 128GB of RAM.

Plus, SSD only is the way to go on all configurations of the 27 inch 2020 iMac. A 1TB Fusion drive can be optioned though.

There’s not much more to say really – this is the best iMac yet, and while many would pine for the rumoured iPad Pro like designed iMac, let’s be honest, that’s going to come with the new Apple Silicone release – no doubt.

Prices for the 2020 iMac 27 inch start at $2,799, and if yours is anything like my two previous units, they have a long life – our 2012 iMac is still the main family computer.

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