Acer had a busy morning this morning with a range of new laptops for both work and gaming, but they also announced something a little different with the eKinekt BD 3.

The eKinekt BD 3 is an eco-friendly Bike Desk, combining an exercise bike and desk which lets you exercise while you work, and at the same time generate clean energy to power the machine and charge your devices.

Cycling on the eKinekt BD3 for one hour at 60rpm generates up to 75 watts of power according to Acer, which can then be used to charge devices connected to the two USB Type-A ports or USB Type-C port on-board – though 75W isn’t a whole lot when you consider the draw on a 30W charger on a Pixel or 80W charger on OPPO phones.

The Bike Desk also includes a bag holder for convenience and a cup holder and can be used either in Working Mode or Sports Mode. Working Mode is a more upright position suited to typing or working on your laptop, while Sports Mode pushes the desktop out and gives you an option to lean in and get more pedalling power, with the desk simply sliding between the two modes.

There is of course a companion app, which lets you check ‘riding duration, distance and speed, while indicating the estimated number of calories burned and watts generated when pedaling’.

Acer is serious about this one, including announcing pricing and availability – though Australia isn’t mentioned at this point in time. You’ll be able to get your hands on the eKinekt BD 3 in North America in June, at USD 999; in EMEA in June, at EUR 999, and in Taiwan in April, at NTD 29,000.

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