If you drive a new-ish Volkswagen, AUDI, Skoda, Cupra, Porsche, Bentley, Scania, MAN or Ducati you have used Cariad products. Cariad provides the software solutions and electronic brains for all of Volkswagen’s vehicles, whether if it is a modest Skoda Scala or a spectacular Bentley Continental.

This is the great thing about being at CES Las Vegas – you get the chance to mix with the brands behind the brands. 

With cars getting ever more technologically advanced, vehicle component suppliers have had to rise to the challenge. Long term players such as Bosch and ZF are here in force, displaying their latest innovations in vehicle tech but so too are the brands that are less associated with cars. 

Remember Blackberry? Remember those guys? They’re here in strength showing off their version of car-based operating systems. 

LG has shown up with the audacity to show off their range of semi-conductors and microchips – the exact components that has seen global automotive manufacturing grind to a halt during the Covid hiccup. Still, I can’t blame LG for Covid, and besides, it was fascinating to look at these little gizmos close up, courtesy of the provided magnifying glasses.  

It is a fascinating part of CES and always hints at what will be in our cars in the near future. 

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