Jeep, that American icon of off-roading and school pickup runs, has used CES2023 to showcase their latest PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) range.

Jeep’s PHEV platform is available in both Wrangler and Grand Cherokee flavours. Unfortunately, while the Grand Cherokee 4xe is slated for Oz, there are no plans for the electric Wrangler to hit Australian shores. This is a real shame because an electric Wrangler makes for a compelling case.

Unlike most plug in hybrids, Jeep offers owners a choice of three electric modes: full electric with zero emissions and a range of around 30 kays – perfect for shorter daily commutes (with 2 hour fast charging or 12 hours at a regular home power point); the default hybrid mode, combing torque and power from both the PHEV powertrain and the 2.0L turbo cylinder engine; or e-Save mode – allowing you to save electric power until you reach your favourite off-roading tracks (instant torque and silent running is surely an off-roading dream!).

Jeep displayed a slightly modified version of the 4xe Grand Cherokee complete with retro touches including big rims, plaid trim and even a vinyl roof! It proves that modern production cars can look good – they just need a little bit of help to stand out from the crowd.

In the home market, the electrified Grand Cherokee range kicks off from about US$60k while the bare bones Wrangler starts about US$5k less. Sadly, we can expect the Australian price to be much closer to AUD$100k.

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