For some this will be the answer to a question no one has asked. For others, this is an amazing innovation in TV. LG has created a wireless technology that removes the need for anything other than a power cable where you install your TV.


WOW! LG’s OLED M has no wires other than power – so your HDMI and Antenna can be connected to the zero connect box on the other side of the room – put the TV where you want!!! #lg #ces #ces2023 #tv #innovation #tech #techtok

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Be it wall mounted, or sitting elegantly on a stand, the LG OLED M needs just a power point.

Then, within around 10m of that TV you can place the “brains” of the TV and connect your antenna, ethernet and HDMI inputs.

That box, and it’s a decent sides unit, then transmits a peer to peer wireless signal to the TV which is the image you see.

LG say it will transmit in 4K at 120Hz, which is outstanding, and from what I could gather talking to the team, the further away you put the control box, or the more obstructions in the way, the more the signal will downgrade.

The top of the control box also has a rotating antenna, allowing you to “point” the signal directly at the TV.

If you’re someone spending in excess of $15k on a new TV, you’ve probably also spent a bit of time designing your lounge room, and this setup allows for a completely minimalist approach to the TV area, hiding away your Apple TV, Foxtel, Fetch box or other HDMI inputs in another part of the room.

Quality on our viewing was impressive.

We haven’t tested it with something like gaming, to understand what if any the lag is, but given the scale of the research investment here from LG – we’re expecting it to be a well rounded device for all use-cases.

Expect the LG OLED M to be a premium product in only flagship stores in Australia, but with LG likely to bring in a 77 inch model that could make it an attractive option for someone on a full lounge room renovation.

No matter what, it’s impressive – and probably the most significant advance in TV here at CES 2023.

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