HTC have announced their next Vive headset with a versatile, compact, lightweight mixed-reality headset called the Vive XR Elite. 

The HTC Vive XR will be a standalone unit, with both Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities.  HTC is positioning the headset for use in gaming, fitness, productivity and more. 

The headset itself weighs in at 625 grams including the battery which will last up to 2 hours and is removable & hot-swappable. The Vive XR Elite includes 4K resolution – 2K per eye – displays with 110° FOV and 90Hz refresh rate. There are dual microphones and embedded speakers on board with a volume button as well.

The headset includes adjustable lenses so you can remove your glasses, with an externally adjustable IPD slider with a range of 54 to 73mm available to fine-tune your view and has a magnetically attached front gasket for easy cleaning.

There’s a full colour RGB camera for passthrough to enable the MR functionality as well as four wide Field of View (FOV) cameras with 6DoF support for spatial accuracy and a depth sensor.

The Vive XR Elite has physical controllers, it will also support hand tracking capability with additional support for the Vive Wrist Tracker. 

While the Vive XR supports standalone use with WiFi 6E connectivity on-board, you can also plug into your PC with a USB-C cable. 

The headset, which includes the headset itself, 2x controllers, and the headset battery cradle can be pre-ordered globally from today through the HTC Vive website with a price-tag of $2,099 AUD. Pre-orders before February 15 receiving five titles valued at $145. Pre-order shipments are estimated to begin from late February.

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