Announced at CES in Las Vegas this week, Hisense Australia is expanding it’s smart home ecosystem across it’s full range of home appliances in 2023.

Smart connected appliances is not a new concept, but it’s really still in the early adopter stage and rolling out to new products as evident by Hisense’s announcement this week.

More than two thirds of Aussie homes feature at least one smart home device last year, a 20% growth in one year, and Hisense has seen great success with their ConnectLife app on it’s current air-conditioning range.

That app allows users to control their heating and cooling from their smartphone no matter where they are.

Expanding that across more of the Hisense appliance portfolio is a huge step in our evolution to the smart home.

Hisense’s Gideon Lui says “Australians nationwide are consistently feeling the pressure of their day-to-day household responsibilities. So, to be able to alleviate some of that burden through Hisense’s attainable, connected product range will surprise and delight. Before, a smart home was considered beyond reach, but we are committed to delivering greater convenience to Australians that allows them to buy back the precious time they need to do the things they love.”

We’re all a bit time-poor, so with features like holiday mode you can ensure your fridge can power down to a standby while maintaining freezer function, or enable the Super Cool and Super Freeze modes when you’ve got people coming around.

“Our brand ethos is to create home appliances that are not only convenient, but also attainable, and we’re thrilled to bring new features to the ConnectLife experience to ensure Australians can do more with their home, at the touch of the button. Whether it’s making the switch to be more energy efficient when they’re not in the home or ensuring they can manage everyday tasks effortlessly – ConnectLife brings control of your home into the palm of your hand.”

There will be a range of appliances coming with ConnectLife compatibility in 2023.