Australians are no strangers to 3G, 4G and 5G connectivity issues. We often have enough trouble remaining connected in suburban areas, let alone rurally. And while satellite phones have been around for decades, they haven’t quite kept up with the advancements made to everyday consumer mobile phones. Until now. Bullitt are a satellite phone tech company with a development that will make it more accessible than ever.

Coming to select CAT phones in 2023 is the Bullitt Satellite Messaging Service, which will allow users of these CAT satellite phones to message people with regular 4G/5G/WiFi phones on both iOS and Android.

The platform has two main components, the messaging service that will allow you to remain in contact with friends and family, even when you don’t have reception – and a SOS function for emergencies.

All that’s required for to initiate messaging is for the CAT phone holder to purchase a monthly subscription to the Bullitt Satellite Messenger and for both parties to have downloaded the application. And don’t worry, if you need to message someone that hasn’t pre-downloaded the app, the first satellite message to their number will prompt them to download it in order to continue the conversation.

The SOS functionality will make contact with a manned service centre operated by Bullitt, where they’re able to organise everything from a roadside assistance callout to medical evacuations.

Your subscription to the Bullitt Satellite Messenger is a monthly cost that can be purchased at different tiers depending on how many satellite messages you’d like to send per month. Pricing is yet to be announced, however it’s known that your first year of ownership of the Bullitt ready CAT phone will come 1-year of SOS assistance for free.

This comes in response to Apple announcing that the iPhone 14 will have a free emergency satellite SOS service, but this is both currently not available in Australia, and won’t include messaging.

Learn more about Bullitt’s fantastic leap forward in satellite phone tech on their official website.

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