At CES 2023, Sony surprised everyone with not a single TV announcement at their press conference. Instead, Sony shared details on a range of topics including more titles coming to the Sony PSVR2 as well as announcing a new accessible controller for the Playstation 5. 

The PlayStation 5 has been hard to get a hold of since it launched in 2020. Now, after selling more than 30 million consoles, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO, Jim Ryan announced that the console should now be much easier to get your hands on one from this month. 

It’s a big moment for Sony, with the launch of PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2) coming next month having consoles available for sale is a must. 

GT7 & Beat Saber for PSVR2

There’s already a load of games announced for the new PSVR2 including Horizon Call of the Mountain, No Mans Sky and Resident Evil: Village. But at CES, Sony announced that Gran Turismo 7 (GT7) is also coming to PSVR2 – at launch. The VR update for GT7 will be free for existing owners of the game. 

Also announced is one of the biggest VR titles ever, Beat Saber, is also coming to PSVR2, though no dates were announced. 

If you’re a GT7 fan, this is big news, and you’ll also be able to watch the Gran Turismo movie directed by Neil Blomkamp and starring Orlando Bloom and David Harbour from August 22nd this year – and Sony also shared a sneak peek of the movie as well.

Project Leonardo

Sony has also announced a new accessible controller for PlayStation 5. Project Leonardo is the codename for the controller which is highly customisable and is intended to work straight out of the box, helping players with disabilities ‘play games more easily, more comfortably, and for longer periods’.

The controller can work on its own, or paired with a second Project Leonardo controller, or even paired with a DualSense PS5 controller. 

The controller addresses many of the challenges that differently abled users face when playing games, with the controller coming with a ‘variety of analog stick caps and buttons in different shapes and sizes’.

At this stage, Sony hasn’t announced any release date or pricing for the controller, but we’ll find out more soon. 

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