If you too are hopeless musically but have always wanted to impress your friends and family behind the piano… do I have the product for you. Now you could spend years learning how to read sheet music, hire a tutor and practice your hand placement (read: boring), OR you can buy an LED light strip that guides you by lighting up the next key in the song.

Piano LED is a French tech start up that are modernising the way we learn piano. Their product is a plug & play box and LED light strip that can light up any song you’d like to learn. It’s controlled through WiFi and is adaptable to all piano lengths.

We got hands on with the Piano LED Plus here at CES 2023 and can confirm, everyday punters have a chance at the instrument:

The Piano LED Plus can integrate with the Synthesia software, which can immediately let you know how well you played, and in the long run keep track of how you’re improving. It also provides a guitar-hero style display that shows you which keys are coming up next and can remind you of the best finger to play it with!

The device can be used in several configurations; with options to simply light up the next key to press, to light them up with a specific colour for each hand and also to light up in the event you’ve pressed an incorrect key.

The Piano LED Plus is available now worldwide but comes at quite a hefty ~$460 price point. Now I’m not sure how much it costs for your average piano lessons, but I can guarantee that this is at least a very fun way to go about it.

You can pick one up from their website pianoled.shop.

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