Optus has today announced an addition to their “Living Network Innovations” with “Internet Boost” and “Mobile Boost” allowing customers to pay for short term improvements to service and speed.

Optus’ Matt Williams – Managing Director Marketing and Revenue, said, “At Optus, we understand that high-speed internet is incredibly valuable to Australians and we’re delighted to offer an innovative and affordable way for customers to boost their internet speed whether it be for extra house guests on multiple devices, or gearing up for a day of online gaming.”

Using the My Optus App, users can add on a:

  • Internet Boost enables Optus customers to maximise their nbn internet speed for 24 hours for $5
  • Mobile Boost gives customers the chance to prioritise their mobile data connection to achieve better connectivity for $2 for an hour, and to celebrate the launch of this new feature we are offering our customers five free one-hour Mobile Boosts

“With a third of Aussies using their mobile and internet data for streaming movies, Optus Boost products are revolutionising on-demand options that suit every lifestyle and budget,” added Matt.

“For instance, to access the Internet Boost product, eligible Optus customers just need to head to the Speed tab of the My Optus app and click “Boost for 24 hours” to get the maximum speed available on your home nbn at your premises – giving our customers even faster speed when they need it most!”, added Matt.

The home internet speed boost makes a little sense, but I’m not sure how often people need short term satisfaction like that, more often in speaking to Australians I find they want better speed ongoing.

As for Mobile connections getting “prioritised” for $2 an hour, it’s a sign that we’re moving to a class based mobile system where if you’re prepared to pay you can get the speeds available, but if you’re not – so be it.

I like their broad thinking, but – um. Dear Optus, you know there’s a Telco called Boost Mobile? And they have the full Telstra network – so, if someone really want’s a Boost, they can switch to Boost Mobile and get better coverage and almost certainly a better deal – a Boost for the hip pocket in these challenging economic times.

Also, what the hell is a Living Network? Really does sound like an internal ra-ra kinda thing, not sure it’s one the public understand.