Some of us are out there campaigning and marching in the streets, others among us are just happy doing what we can to do our best to make the world a better place and the environment more stable. To that end, Telstra has today announced that your Telstra mobile plan is carbon neutral – what? How can a mobile plan be carbon neutral?

Well, there’s energy and emissions involved in almost every aspect of your connectivity, from making the SIM card to powering the network and infrastructure that connects your mobile to the outside world and allows you to stream F1 Practice on Kayo this weekend (that’s breaking news too – wohoo!).

Telstra is offsetting the emissions from your entire mobile plan on your behalf.

Now that does not include the phone itself, but as we know Apple has a very strong, in fact one of the strongest green credentials in the world and Samsung too is pushing to make their phones impact on the environment a better one, so we’re all doing our bit.

Telstra isn’t the first to do this, with smaller TPG Telco Felix setup just for this purpose but for the biggest network in Australia to make this move is fantastic.

Plus, if you are wanting to do more, you can use your Telstra Plus loyalty points to support Aussie and International climate projects to help reduce, avoid or remove emissions and offset even more of your lifestyle or family activities.

Simple, but important.