I’ve always been a great believer that the more affordable TVs on the market do offer great value, as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into. This Saturday, Aldi’s Special Buy TV is an $899 bargain on a 75 inch TV. And I’ve got it here in the EFTM office and can tell you to run, don’t walk to get yours.

Late last year, Bauhn TVs (the Aldi house brand of TV) switched to Samsung’s Tizen operating system after a short stint on LG’s Web OS. What I’ve found over the years is even with a good operating system, these TVs are let down by a sluggish processor which results in a slow performance when clicking around menus. Not so this time.

Boot this up for the first time, and you’d think you are using a Samsung TV. In fact cover up that Bauhn logo and I’d challenge most to realise it.

Even the remote control is like for like with the previous couple of years’ Samsung remotes, but with white action buttons for streaming services.

It’s relatively easy to setup, and while I don’t have an antenna to test it, it will scan for free-to-airs, as well as scanning all the HDMI inputs. All the apps you need are pre-installed (well, they trigger a download once you connect to the internet) and this is not a limited set, we’re talking Foxtel, Kayo, Disney+, Stan, Netflix, Prime – it’s all there. That’s a massive massive win for a TV of this price.

And I mean it, this thing is snappy, great menu response at all times.

Because Tizen is Samsung’s OS – this TV also has Samsung TV Plus, an under-rated and little-known feature of Samsung TVs, hundreds of TV channels streamed via your internet. An entire Mythbusters channel, Sky News Australia, and so much more.

Visually, I think the picture looks great.

A black screen is a dark level of grey – this isn’t an OLED, let alone Mini LED, and there’s blooming on a white box or word on a black screen. But I turned the lights off and watched a few shows – looks fantastic.

Is it as good as a Samsung or LG at two or three times the price – certainly not.

Under Australian Consumer Law would this be covered if it failed in four years, probably not, unlike a big-name big price TV. But you get what you pay for.

I cannot imagine a single buyer being unhappy with this TV, works a charm, and would make a big upgrade to a small loungeroom TV, or if you’ve got a cracking TV already – it would make a fantastic Man-Cave TV or Games Room TV for the kids.

Be warned though – a 75 inch TV is big, and heavy, so bring a trolley, and bring a big van or Ute, and a mate to help you.

Great price, great TV. Enjoy.