Last year in October Polestar revealed the Polestar 3, their next generation $135,000 electric vehicle with over 600km of range and now, although you can’t see the SUV in person, you can do the next best thing, experience it in AR.

At the Polestar Space at Chadstone, the Fashion Capital, you can now check out the innovative interior along with the exterior design of the upcoming electric SUV. We have seen some great uses for AR and this is something that will be very handy for a lot of folks.

With the limited availability of electric vehicles in Australia, and an even rarer availability of a demo car it is difficult to decide just which cars to focus your buying power on. We loved the Polestar 2 and loved it so you should check out the Polestar 3 if an electric SUV is in your wheelhouse. Now you can check it in AR before they even arrive Downunder.

For more information on the Polestar 3 head on over to EFTM’s launch piece or the Polestar website.

Until we do see them in Australia, head on down to the Polestar Space at Chadstone to see the upcoming innovative Polestar 3 using one of the latest innovative technologies, AR.