Lenovo has today revealed the latest additions to their 2023 gaming line-up, all sporting the “world’s first dedicated AI-powered chips in gaming laptops.” This is all controlled by the Lenovo AI Engine+, Lenovo’s machine learning software that optimises the settings of the laptop to the game being played.

The new laptops unveiled include a refresh of the portable Lenovo Legion Slim Series which includes new 16-inch Lenovo Legion Slim 7i and 7 laptops, 16-inch Lenovo Legion Slim 5i and 5, and an all new 14-inch Lenovo Legion Slim 5. The new 14-inch Slim 5 includes an OLED panel to provide immersive colours to enhance the gaming experience.

For the serious gamer not as concerned about portability there is the Legion Pro series. With all metal top and bottom the top Pro model series are the Pro 7 and Pro 7i laptops while the slightly more affordable Pro 5 and Pro 5i laptops have a polymer bottom cover. The Legion Pro laptops include interchangeable WASD keycaps and the Legion Spectrum RGB lighting software along with cooling solutions such as turbocharged fans, phase-change thermal compound and advanced hybrid heat pipes — part of Lenovo Legion’s ColdFront 5.0.

Lenovo has also announced their new sub-brand Lenovo LOQ designed to bring a gaming experience to gamers just starting out. The LOQ line-up includes Lenovo LOQ 16-inch laptops (16IRH8 and 16APH8), Lenovo LOQ 15-inch laptops (15IRH8 and 15APH8), and Lenovo LOQ Tower 17IRB8, a desktop PC.

“From the Lenovo Legion Series to the new LOQ Series, we aim to empower both gamers and power users with the flexibility to choose the right device for their gaming performance and lifestyle, ” said Peter Yeung, Executive Director and General Manager, Consumer Business of Lenovo Asia Pacific. “The highlight of our new line up – all Lenovo gaming laptops now come with AI-powered chips that analyse usage habits and optimize the entire system performance, giving users the ultimate edge.”

The big-ticket item is of course the new dedicated AI chip on the gaming laptops allowing users to experience a consistent and optimal performance throughout their gaming session. The chip itself powers the Lenovo AI Engine+ mahcine learning software that monitors and adjusts in-game framerates and tunes system performance (CPU and GPU) appropriately. Ultimately the chip and software deliver higher performance compared to previous generation laptops.

At this stage not all pricing has been determined but you can check out the table below for those that we do have at this time. Head on over to the Lenovo website for more information if you are interested.