Elon Musk’s SpaceX team is pumping more Satellites into low-earth-orbit than anyone before them, using them to offer a high-speed internet service across the world. In Australia, the company has made an aggressive stance by offering extraordinary discounts to those in our most rural areas.

With a $139 per month price for the Starlink High Speed internet, it’s a big price compared to fixed-line NBN, however for many Aussie homes anything over 50 or 100mbps just isn’t possible on the NBN.

However the $924 startup price of Starlink was a big barrier to entry for many Aussies, particularly those in rural areas where NBN Satellite was the only option.

Last year, Starlink reduced that to $599 which was huge – but that’s been smashed by a new $199 hardware offer for Rural Australia.

Because there’s no map or definition around “rural” i ran some address checks on the Starlink website.

  • Bathurst – Rural.
  • Springwood – Rural.
  • Emu Heights – Rural
  • Penrith – NOT Rural
  • Pitt Town – NOT Rural.

So look, it’s not perfect, but it’s an amazing deal if you win the “rural” lottery on the Starlink website.