To say that the OPPO Find N2 Flip is taking the foldable world by storm is a massive understatement.  We loved it when we reviewed it and the general consensus is that OPPO, with their first flip phone, have set the new standard.

Now OPPO is rolling out a major software update to the Find N2 Flip bringing even more functionality to their massive cover display.

OPPO and Spotify have teamed up for the first big update to the display with a new Spotify widget, maximising the cover screen.  The widget allows the user to have full control of their currently playing Spotify media, a Heart button and further content recommendations – all without having to flip open the device.

Peter Dohyung Lee, head of the flagship product line at OPPO, said: “This update underlines OPPO’s commitment to the best possible experience for Find N2 Flip owners, enabling more freedom for self-expression and creativity when using the industry-leading 3.26 inch cover screen.

“Working directly with Spotify is exactly the kind of developer collaboration that allows users to make the most of the Find N2 Flip’s pocketable design, best-in-class displays, and bespoke personalization options. We look forward to updates for more much-loved apps later this year.”

We have seen many phones released over the years with these specialised features that require developer support for the users to get full functionality from the feature.  Hope this new collaboration with Spotify is the first of many that OPPO have that can help users get the most out of their new flip phone, unlike so many phones that have gone before.

OPPO has also introduced new cover screen functionality themselves with a new Speech-to-Text quick reply feature.  This activated whenever the user receives a message from apps that enable quick reply such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Messages by Google, Telegram and LINE.  

OPPO are promising that this is the first of many updates that the Find N2 Flip will receive with its four-year commitment to major device improvements.  The new Speech-to-Text widget will automatically arrive in the system update rolling out now whereas the Spotify widget will need to be added manually through the screen widgets settings under “Pocket Player.”