Aussie audio and video tech company RØDE has made a huge list of announcements at the annual “NAB Show” in Las Vegas, with new enhancements to existing products as well as groundbreaking new products on their own.

The NAB Show is held by the “National Association of Broadcasters” and sees radio and TV broadcast operators from around the world assemble to check out what’s new in broadcasting. This is the show where all those amazing virtual sets, or computer graphics in sports coverage were born and sold to the world, but this year all-eyes on RØDE with their range of products.

All-New Streamer X product for video capture and streaming

While RØDE are renowned for their Audio products, they have worked hand-in-hand with Video from the get go, so it makes sense to dip the toe further into the video space with this video capture box the “Streamer X”.

Playing on the new RØDE X gaming sub-brand, the Streamer X allows you to take the output of a video device like a gaming console and pass it through the Streamer X back into your PC for live streaming, while also offering high-quality audio inputs like an XLR microphone or gaming headset.

Smart-Pads for stings, voice effects or other actions to be configured on your computer, this appears to have the potential to work for a entry to mid-level streaming as an all-in-one device which might otherwise require several on-desk devices to do.

The unification of both Audio and Video into a single capture device is groundbreaking and sets up for a whole new era for the RØDE X brand.

All-New compact Rodecaster Duo

For podcasters, the Rodecaster Pro has been revolutionary, but sometimes you don’t need all it has to offer.

Enter the Rodecaster Duo which is more compact but just as powerful. It’s just stripped back with just two analogue inputs and outputs, though it also has a TRRS connector on the front, something the Rodecaster Pro lacks.

For many the Rodecaster Duo will be all they need for their shows, while for others it presents as a great on-the-go option for remote and simple recordings.

The Rodecaster Pro II can connect to wireless microphones

Owners of the Rodecaster Pro II will also soon get access to a new firmware update which unlocks something awesome – wireless microphone connectivity.

Your Rodecaster Pro II will be able to connect to any device with Rode’s Series IV wireless transmitters, those being the Wireless Go II and Wireless ME pocket microphones right now.

This means the RodeCaster Pro II becomes your central audio mixing desk for a multi-cam video setup, or gives you the option to do a podcast with just lapel microphones.

Wireless Go II gets an update

There’s also an update for owners of the Wireless Go II microphones. This new update allows on-board recordings to be saved as WAV files, as well as configuring the power buttons to trigger on-board recordings so they aren’t “always” recording.

Charging case for Wireless Go II

But it gets better, RØDE is also releasing a charging case for the Wireless Go II, this fits both transmitters and the receivers and has a battery built-in that is capable of three full-recharges which means up to 30 hours of continuous use.

For me, this is huge, means carrying a whole lot less around, and keeping them safer too.

RØDE Podmic goes USB

RØDE’s PodMic has become one of the most popular microphones out there, used in so many podcasts and streaming videos you see online.

The new PodMic now offers both USB and XLR output, same as the 5th Gen NT1 which was recently announced.

What this means is you can use the PodMic on your Rodecaster, or direct into a PC for streaming options – getting RØDE Audio quality from just a PC connection.

Backpack for Rodecaster

For those who do take their studio on-the-go, RØDE has created a backpack designed perfectly to carry the Rodecaster (Either Original, Pro II or Duo), as well as microphone arms and microphones all in one case.

Your laptop even fits in.

This is easily the biggest single list of announcements RØDE has ever made, making their mark at the NAB show.

Release dates and pricing are yet to be announced, EFTM expects the firmware updates to com first, along with the accessories, while the new Streamer X and Rodecaster Duo products are likely a little while off.