Esports teams have taken off in recent years with many now making a good living from playing games competitively. It has gotten so serious now that teams have their own fully functional facilities. As such, Alienware has just unveiled the world’s largest esports operations, housing and training centre in Brazil and it is impressive.

Following on from Alienware eSports centres in Los Angeles, USA and Utrecht, Netherlands, the new Alienware facility in São Paulo, Brazil, has 3,092 m² of in-use floor area – all 13 floors of the building!  It incorporates dorms for Team Liquid players, production studios, streaming stations, a gym, a physical Team Liquid store and everything eSports players could need to become the best they can be.

The new facility houses more than 80 employees and athletes who work, train and live on-site.  There are 19 bedrooms with suites across five floors for Team Liquid’s local athletes and visiting teams.  There are dedicated spaces for their physical and mental health including a gym, a Pilates studio and a performance laboratory.

The athletes have dedicated training rooms equipped with Alienware Aurora R15 desktop PCs with review rooms attached to allow coaches and analysts to review and strategise performances.

Four floors of the building are taken up with ancillary staff including ten conference rooms, fully equipped studios for photo and video production, editing statins, decompression spaces and living areas for administrative and marketing staff.

At the top of the building there is a restaurant with capacity for 35 people that will serve employees and guests, in addition to an open-air rooftop with a panoramic view of iconic spots in the city of São Paulo, such as the Copan building. If you are ever in São Paulo, Brazil it would be well worth the effort to grab a bite to eat there.

You’d imagine an eSports training centre would have a fair bit of tech inside – and you’d be right.  There are 39 desktop computers from the new Aurora line and 92 Alienware and Dell UltraSharp branded monitors, 8.25km (yes, kilometres) of Cat6a network cables and 400 metres of fibre optics!

The facility regularly ghosts events that guests can attend so if you are in the area check out the local Team Liquid schedule and see just how the eSports athletes operate. I’m not sure I’d like to be couped up in the one building all the time but if you are going to be at least it can be in style — with a heap of gaming PCs!