Back in January at CES 2023, Amazon announced that they will start rolling out Matter-over-Thread support to their Echo devices in Q2 of 2023.  True to their word they have begun rolling out an update to Echo devices to add not just Matter support allowing easier set up for so many devices.

The new update allows their customers to set up their Matter devices with iOS, including Matter-enabled Thread devices.  All second-generation Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Dot will be updated to work as Matter controllers with Echo (4th Gen) a Thread border router. For Apple users, the new update brings support for setting up Amazon Matter supported devices on iOS.

Echo (4th Gen) will now be able to be used to expand your smart homes with Matter-enabled Thread devices in addition to Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth LE Mesh and Matter-enabled Wi-Fi devices.  This interoperability allows users to connect devices to their smart home without having to be concerned about whether one will work with the other.

The new update also brings support for Eve device setup which previously was only able to connect to certain smart home systems.  Partnering with Eve, Amazon has awarded the WWA badge to Eve devices – a sign that they will deliver a high-quality experience with Alexa.  The setup with Eve devices will now be frustration-free and incredibly quick, allowing full setup in a matter of seconds. If you have an Amazon Echo device you will now be able to use it to control all your Matter-supported devices.

“Easy setup is a key feature of any Eve product and a core value for our brand. By making the setup process even easier, we can take the Eve experience to the next level, providing our customers with a true plug and play experience.” says J. Gackel. “And for those reasons, it was an easy decision to partner with Amazon on FFS, making it easier for our team to make this a reality for our customers.” 

It seems that Matter-over-Thread is here to stay.  Hopefully it continues to take off as it means better inter-operability which is something we as the consumers will all benefit from.  We really can all get along.