Last week I took my two youngest kids to a mystery event in the city, at the Australian Museum. All I knew was it involved Lego, so – They had me at hello.

Walk through the door and we’re looking at a very child-like fun room, with DreamZzz the dominating brand, and at first I was a bit worried. Lots of smaller kids than my 11 and 12 year olds, were we a bit aged out of this one?

Turns out this was not a new set of Lego, though I’m sure many a set will be available later in the year judging by what you can see under DreamZzz on the Lego website.

In fact, this is a new TV show – aimed at kids, and inspiring their creativity, imagination and bringing to life the very idea of Dreams.

My two were lucky enough to get an advanced screening of the first episode of DreamZzz and then get to go on a little treasure hunt at the Museum after dark.

But with all that fun and swag aside, was it any good?

I’ll let 12 year old Victoria explain.

What is DreamZzz?

DreamZzz is the new Lego TV series about a group of friends quest in the dream land. DreamZzz is an adventurous, fun and thrilling show for a variety of ages. DreamZzz showcases friendship and teamwork and how those things can help overcome any task. The main characters of DreamZzz are Mateo, Izzie, Zoey, Cooper and Logan. Each character has their strengths and abilities and when they work as a team they help save the day. 

In DreamZzz the characters discover a whole new world in their dreams. The characters come across challenges along the way and have to find ways to overcome them. It ends up being up to them to save the land of dreams. The nightmares are trying to take over dream land so the children need to save it.

Victoria Long

Is the DreamZzz TV show any good?

Episode one was a fun introduction into the series. You get to meet some of the main characters. You are also introduced to the plot of the story. Mateo and Izzy are introduced to dream land. They are shown the bad guys and they also discover the dangers of the world. There is also some mysterious character we see at the start that we are yet to learn their name. 

Victoria Long

Where can you watch Lego DreamZzz?

Episode 1 of the DreamZzz premieres tomorrow on YouTube.

The full first season of 10 episodes is also available now on Netflix, while strangely every second episode is available on Prime Video (I’m sure that will update in time).