On the same day that Netflix changes the streaming business forever with their crackdown on Password Sharing in Australia, Optus has capitalised on a likely surge in customers looking to save money or get a better deal by launching discounted Netflix subscriptions to first-time SubHub users.

Optus SubHub is the all-in one site for Optus customers to link their streaming and subscription services, and allows them to activate and deactivate services with ease, while managing the billing in a single platform and charged to their Optus account.

First-time SubHub users are now entitled to a discount of up to 50% on the Standard or Premium tier Netflix subscription for a three month period.

I spoke to Clive Dickens, Optus’ VP of TV, Content and Product Development this week on the EFTM podcast about Sub Hub – Listen here:

Speaking today on the new discount offer, Dickens says “Households are spoilt for choice with an amazing range of great streamed content and subscription services with many searching for a solution that not only make life simpler but also help them save money and that’s where Optus SubHub comes into play.

“At Optus, we developed SubHub to make our customers’ lives easier, creating a hub that puts them in control of their subscription spending.  Features include a single dashboard to view all your subscriptions, plus the ability to unsubscribe and resubscribe seamlessly.”  

You don’t need to be a new Netflix subscriber to get the discount, you simply need to be an Optus customer signing up to use SubHub for the first time.