Apple has acquired LA-based AR company, Mira according to an Instagram post from Mira’s CEO yesterday. Although the Instagram account is private, folks at The Verge and a person familiar with the matter saw the post. Apple has confirmed the acquisition though so the need for the secrecy is unknown.

We tested out Apple’s Vision Pro AR/VR headset earlier today and came away impressed. This “spatial computing” that Apple is pushing is something from Sci Fi movies and if anyone can pull it off you would think Apple could. At this stage though it seems to be a solution without a problem to solve — it is lacking that killer app that makes it a compulsory purchase.

Where Mira fits in is unknown given that Mira has not seen a massive amount of success, although they have raised US$17 million in funding so far. their headsets are used at the Mario Kart ride at Nintendo World theme parks (in Japan and LA) but aside from that and a couple of relatively small military contracts there is not a heap to see on the surface.

According to Mira’s website they build “the most scalable augmented reality hardware + software solutions in the market- enabling frontline workforces with communication tools and information when they need it most.”

The Verge received the following statement from Apple:

“Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

At this stage it seems fairly obvious that Apple may be after some of the IP from Mira (and they have also included some of their employees as p[part of the acquisition) and with the Vision Pro in its infancy you can be sure Apple will be doing all it can to bring out the best in their new mixed reality headset. Mira may well end up providing that killer reason for us to all buy a Vision Pro.