The glory days are over, no longer does “love means sharing your Netflix password” because Netflix has cracked down on just who can use your password and the answer is if they don’t live with you, they can’t.

Leaving aside the obvious controversy and frustration of many, the fact is it’s done and we’ve gotta get used to it.

So, with that in mind there is one thing you can do. You can add an “Extra Member” to your account, giving your kids, parents or in-laws just what they have now, but on their own login, paid by you at a cheaper rate than an individual plan.

If you’re on the Basic plan, you can’t add extra members. Only those on Standard or Premium plans can do so.

For Standard members you can add one extra member, for Premium you can have two.

Here’s the instructions on how to add an extra member to your Netflix account.

First, on the web, not in the app – go to your Account Settings.

Look for the “EXTRA MEMBERS” section about half-way down. If you do not see this, it may be that you are accessing Netflix through a third party billing platform, like Foxtel. What they’ll likely tell you is you have to unbundle and bill direct with Netflix. But this is all new, perhaps that will improve.

Click the “Buy an extra member slot” and we’re off to the races.

Next up you’ll be shown an update to your monthly cost – just to be clear you know that YOU will be paying for it.

One confirmed, you just need to invite the new member to create their account.

Setup their name and email address for them to get a direct link to making all this work.

Here’s where it gets fun and really well done. From this point, you can now choose to convert one of your login Profiles to their new user account.

This means that when they create their own username and password login, they will have their viewing history, their recommendations and their “catch up where you left off all there for them.

Once you’ve done that, tell them to check their email and go ahead and create a new account!

It’s actually a really well thought out system, and the price is less than just stumping up for their Netflx account!

And a reminder, these changes do NOT impact the number of devices that CAN be using Netflix from your home, and from other places as long gas they come home once a month.

Here’s ALL the devices I’ve got using my account at home.