After trailing an update to the NBN Satellite plans among over 10,000 users, today the NBN Sky Muster Plus Premium plans are available to all Satellite customers, bringing faster speeds and much simpler data plans to those most in need of better internet.

In the face of a fast-changing market with Starlink and one day Amazon offering Satellite Internet to all, NBN needed to improve the performance, speed and services available on their Satellite broadband offering.

We (the people) funded the $2 Billion Satellites which sit above Australia offering broadband to areas who had never seen speeds over 5mbps, let alone 1 or 2mbps. But the 25/5Mbps plans that have been available to NBN Satellite users just don’t pass muster (pardon the pun) in an age of fast streaming super-fast broadband.

The other complaint users have is the peak and off-peak data usage limits which makes actually using the data more complex than it should be.

But, 400,000 homes and businesses can now access these new Plus Premium plans, which offer Uncapped Data Usage and speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Gavin Williams, nbn Chief Development Officer for Regional and Remote, said “With the rapid growth in data usage, people live their digital lives with more connected devices for remote work,
online learning, social media, e-commerce and entertainment. Homes and small businesses in remote areas require access to more data to help cater for their needs.

“We are excited to launch nbn Sky Muster Plus Premium as the next step in the natural evolution of the nbn satellite network, offering even more connectivity options for homes and businesses in regional and rural Australia.

“This new plan will help more people thrive in the digital age like never before. Not having to worry about a monthly data allowance offers more flexibility in how and when people use their internet, and more time to do the things that matter most.”

The new plans hit the market today, but sadly the Satellite service is not offered by our biggest Telcos. Why Telstra, Optus, even Aussie Broadband don’t offer Satellite NBN is beyond me. It’s just another option for customers, and should be offered to all. Alas, the best and most well known option is SkyMesh who have cornered the market on our most important customers, the heart and soul of Australia – the bush.

Prices for these plans have not yet been published on retailer websites, and while we understand the prices to sit around the $100 mark, we’ll update with pricing once we see it in print.