Whitegoods? What Whitegoods? Following in the trend of the market, LG has launched its range of colour inspired home appliances providing options for buyers looking for something a bit different or for a bit of style instead of the usual bland.

Now normally I’d say yeah, it’s a good option for some, but LG used instagram interior design duo Josh and Matt to create rooms around these appliances and while it might not be the taste of everyone, it showed quite clearly that these “objects” can play a part in an overall style.

Speaking at the launch, LG’s Marketing Director Gemma Lemieux said “The modern Australian home has become an extension of the individual, and we are increasingly guided by our own unique personal tastes when it comes to selecting appliances and entertainment products for our homes.

Our three core philosophies around customer experience, human-centric innovation and warmth to power a smile, have come to life in our 2023 product line up by elevating experiences in the home through the convergence of cutting-edge technology and moments of personalisation and playfulness.  

At LG, we recognise Australians have faced challenging times over the last few years and are looking for ways to become uplifted at home. Our House of Colour event brings moments of joy and elevates the at-home experience. We want to showcase how our products cater to the growing consumer trend of redesigning spaces that reflect unique tastes, inspiring Australians to design a home for you, by you, with LG.” 

That colourful duo Josh and Matt and their maximalist style were at play, saying “Australians no longer want to live inside just a white box with four walls. We want to create a space that reflects our personalities and brings joy to those we share it with – especially when we spend so much time in our homes for both work and play. 

We love the LG InstaView refrigerator with MoodUP as it allows a seamless blend of function, technology and personalisation in a beautiful form factor that can work for many kitchen spaces.” 

In a demonstration to EFTM, LG showed three key zones in the home. Kitchen, Laundry and Lounge-room.

In the Kitchen, the new MoodUp fridge launches in Australia for the first time, almost a year after we saw it at the global IFA show in Berlin.

This fridge allows you to use an app to change the colours on the panels, with something like 22 colours on the upper panel, and 19 colour choices on the bottom. Together, a lifetime of possible combinations.

It’s a $7,999 fridge, so won’t be for everyone – but for that big kitchen reno, white and grey are not longer the only options around the fridge.

LG’s MoodUp also features the tap to view glass door, and a bluetooth speaker for music – which the colours can change to suit too.

In the Laundry, a new WashTower featuring the “Forest Green” colour, and a slim stacked washer and dryer combo was the highlight. $3,999 for the combo isn’t a bad price given you’re getting both machines in one, and they’re one machine, stacked at the factory.

LG’s impressive Styler gets a new Forest Green look too – this is a device we think has a big future in homes as people realise the benefit of a steam, refresh or sanitise – be it in a large walk-in-robe or a high-tech laundry.

And, there’s a new Cord Zero vacuum too, which not only features the fast moving mopping head, but also an additional battery slot for the head, allowing water to be heated so it’s a warm mop for increased effectiveness.

And while TVs can be bland and boring, LG’s new range features a high-quality design inspired set of TVs, with the Easel and Posé offering an against the wall leaning large screen TV which blends in when not in use, or a freestanding option for a return to the good old TV in the corner kinda loungeroom layout.

LG also showcased the StanbyMe which is a portable 27 inch touch screen TV that is battery operated to be taken to the kitchen while you cook or the bedroom when you’re done for the day.

It’s yet to get a price or availability, but should find a decent niche in Australia.

These devices are all examples of a strong quality and design push from LG – hitting a premium market for increased brand exposure, while ticking the boxes in many areas of demand around the home.

Full details of the products, prices and availability are below.:

Model NameColourwayRRP*Availability
InstaView™ refrigerator with MoodU®Multi$7,999July 2023
NeoChef®, 42L Smart Inverter Microwave OvenBlack$379Available now
15 Place QuadWash® Dishwasher with Auto Open Door in Matte Black Finish with TrueSteam™ – Free StandingBlack$1,599Available now
12/9kg WashTower™ All-In-One Stacked Washer DryerForest Green/ Beige$3,999Available now
12/9kg WashTower™ All-In-One Stacked Washer DryerBlack$3,999Available now
17kg WashTower™ All-In-One Stacked Washer DryerBlack4,999Available now
10kg Series 9 Front Load Washing Machine with 5 Star Water & Energy RatingBlack$1,499Available now
10kg Series 9 Front Load Washing Machine with 5 Star Water & Energy RatingWhite$1,399Available now
9kg Heat Pump Dryer with Inverter ControlBlack$1,899Available now
9kg Heat Pump Dryer with Inverter ControlWhite$1,799Available now
Styler Steam Clothing Care System® – 5 GarmentForest Green$3,299Available now
Styler Steam Clothing Care System® – 5 GarmentBlack$2,999Available now
LG CordZero® A9T Handstick Vacuum with All-In-One Tower™Grey$1,499Available now
LG CordZero® A9T Handstick Vacuum with All-In-One Tower™Beige$1,299Available now
LG CordZero® Auto Emptying Hand stick + Power Mop VacForest Green$1,599Available now
LG Gram Style LaptopPearlesenceTBCJune 2023
Stylish TVs
LG Objet Collection – Posé 55” 4K OLED$3,499Available now
LG Objet Collection – Easel 65” 4K OLED$12,999Available now
StandbyME$1,999August 2023
OLED G3 77″$8,399Available now