How did I not know this existed. It’s changed my life! I’ve been reluctant to install any “cleaner” software on my Mac after an incident a few years ago with software that did more harm than good. But now I can trust in Trend Micro with the Cleaner Pro software making things clean and efficient on my Mac.

Run out of space? Can’t work out what’s taking up all that space? Worried about your apps? Trend Micro Cleaner Pro is the clean up app for your Mac.

Honestly, it’s a game changer.

$29.99 per year to keep things running smooth is just the right price too.

Here’s the thing though, you know when you download that software on a Mac and it just looks like it was made for Windows and Mac was an afterthought. Nope! This looks like it was design by Apple for Mac. The Trend Micro team have nailed it.

And it’s simple. Download, run scan. After that you’ve got options to view and clean up your mac.

The app will make some simple suggestions about where the space on your Mac is struggling, as well as any application vulnerabilities. It also shows any OS updates that might be available to you.

Each part of the app has it’s own clear and easy to understand screen too. Junk Files being a big simple win for space:

For me, one of my issues is I’m always downloading files, but not cleaning up after myself. Trend Micro Cleaner Pro shows me exactly where they are and I can delete them with ease!

Brilliantly, the software also accepts that I might not want to part with the file, so gives two options to me – remove – or Move to Dropbox! Nice one

Then there’s the Disk Map – helping me visually understand what is taking up the most space.

I don’t even use Steam! Gone!

Then there’s those duplicate files – easily discovered.

And, for those of you using Apple’s PHOTOS library, it will scan that too for duplicates!

Then there’s the App Scanner, looking for vulnerabilities. Here it will encourage you to download the latest version of apps to keep your machine safe.

And all the info about your machine is also available at a glance in a nicely designed pop down widget from the menu-bar.

It’s hard to be impressed by software these days, but this was an immediate win for me. Simple and easy to use – it’s staying right where it is on my Mac!

Download: Mac App Store