Mum always said to not say “Hey!” when calling someone (“horses eat hay”) and now Apple is rumoured to agree with my Mum with iOS 17 set to drop the triggering “Hey” when calling for Siri in upcoming changes to their mobile operating system.

Apple Insider has suggested that according to the latest rumour, Apple will drop the requirement to say “Hey” to Siri when asking it a question before triggering it. Bloomberg’s Mark Gruman Tweeted out a suggestion that this major change is set to be implemented very soon. With Apple’s WWDC on this week you can be sure that if true it will be announced during the developer’s conference.

How this new change will work is unclear given that if you mention Siri just in passing it may well trigger every Apple iOS 17 device in its vicinity. We expect to see mention of it in the next week and you can be sure we will be testing it out first chance we get.