The retail game is tough, rent isn’t cheap and staff costs are fixed no matter how many people are walking into the store. But seriously – how is it possible that you can’t make money selling toys in Australia!

Toys R Us were forced to close down their stores in Australia over a year ago with huge changes globally for the brand. That cost hundreds of jobs, and made me wonder just how hard it is to survive in retail when a market like toys is hardly going backwards!

Competition from our major retailers like Big W and K Mart are creating amazing price deals for parents, so – there’s a tough road to compete.

But now, if you love a deal, and you loved Toys R Us, they’re back – this time online.

Rather than creating their own online store, they’ve created an eBay store using all the eBay back end and listing thousands of products for sale.

And if you love a bargain, there is 20% off for the launch.

The discount is applied via the use of the “PLUTO” discount code at the checkout, so log in and have a shop. We’ve looked at a bunch of prices which on face value are cheap already – so the additional discount is going to make the deals even better!

Web: Toys R Us Online