I’m loving Standby Mode on iOS 17 – it means that at night while my phone charges I can glance over to see the time which is displayed in big font, but taking into consideration the light in the room. Now, on the go – I’ve got the same thing using the BoostCharge Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 5K + Stand

This is a small, ultra-portable power bank with 5,000mAh capacity that will charge your iPhone 12 or later using Magsafe. It has a USB out/in but I think 90% of users will opt for the simple magnetic clip and go.

But, the addition of a stand on the back is the game changer here.

While in some respects it just looks like a nice branding stripe, the small metal bar on the back can be angled out to provide you with a stand on the go.

Now, of course you can stand your phone up in a traditional “portrait” style like this:

But if you opt for a sideways stand, it’s perfect for viewing video content, or – with iOS 17 installed, when locked it becomes your standby mode screen!

I’m at an airport right now, so it’s a great easy glance across to see the time, any notifications come through clear and large, easy to read – genuine game-chager.

Well worth a look.

Check it out at Belkin, or Amazon.com.au