To describe the Peloton Tread as a Treadmill is to not understand it’s form and purpose. But after a few months stepping it out on the Tread, I’ve gotta say, it’s nothing like your average Treadmill.

And no, this is not the first time I’ve seen or used a treadmill ok. We have one at home my wife uses almost every day – and it sits outside my man-cave door, so you’d think I’d give it a go right? Nope.

Because everyone is different, and what has made me better in these months is the drive to find a Peloton class to suit my needs that day and that moment.

Now for full disclosure, I did hope to write this as a story of weight loss and a real journey, but life, family, and the distractions and stresses of then world have meant that just hasn’t happened. I’d dearly love to make the Peloton a more permanent part of my office but that too isn’t something that’s possible right now.

Which brings me to the real elephant in the room, the first big stumbling block. Price. The Peloton Tread is $4,445. Ouch. Yep, there are far cheaper “Treadmills” out there, but the quality, design and inclusions here are unrivalled.

That said, it’s still a chunk of money, and for those of us who can’t afford it – your best option is to look to the Peloton App subscription for your classes and get on a traditional treadmill.

What you can’t do there is the real live and interactive experience.

A coach pushing you to the limit, and dictating a program of speed an incline that your tread will follow – using the auto incline feature means you just need to set the speed to your pace and the rest does it’s work.

I struggled to find truely “live” classes to suit my Tread time, it was either too early, or I’d just missed one, and again, my head isn’t in the right space yet to have the Peloton classes dictate my schedule.

I thought I’d stick with a single trainer or two, but in the end, they are all fantastic, positive, and really give off a great vibe.

It’s that community vibe I loved the most.

Pushing yourself up the leaderboard, pushing yourself to do better over the same timeframe.

Tap on a user on the leaderboard to give them a wave of encouragement, and then getting the same back – you don’t feel like you’re alone.

It’s a 23.8 inch touchscreen with great sound.

The quality of just the speed and incline knobs is an indication of what you get with the Peloton Tread. They are a great feeling, a smooth turn without being loose, and the single button on the centre skips you up a whole point on the speed or incline scale.

The 170cm x 80cm footprint will appeal to many people too, though it’s fixed, and doesn’t fold up, so wherever you put it – that’s it.

But the design makes it a bit more likely to suit including the Peloton Tread in a regular room in your home rather than resigning it to the garage.

Bottom line, it’s a stunning unit, well designed, and engineered. Plus, the Peloton classes and coaches are what make it worth it’s weight.

However, it’s still pricey – $4,445 plus the monthly cost of the All-Access program.

All that said, I’d snap one up if I had the cash – I really felt like I was heading somewhere, slowly, but still heading there.