LG is ready to unveil its first ever capsule coffee machine, Duobo by LG Labs. As the name suggests LG Labs is LG’s new platform tasked with delivering experimental and innovative product and service experiences to customers. The new Duobo “revolutionises” the coffee brewing process to deliver a personalised flavour to the drinker in a convenient manner.

Duobo includes a dual-capsule extraction system to allow for two-shot layered blending thereby allowing customers to create their own blends using the Duobo mobile app. The app lets the user to adjust the temperature and pressure to how they prefer them.

Duobo is compatible with multiple coffee capsules a from various brands allowing the user to blend a wide range of strengths, roasts, and flavours into their own custom blend.

Looking like a lunar landing module, the Duobo includes a full HD IPS display to add an extra layer of enjoyment through the use of animations and coffee-related information.

“DUOBO is truly an innovative product, redefining the entire coffee experience from the art of crafting and savouring the perfect cup to establishing meaningful connections with our valued customers,” said Lee Hyang-eun, managing director of the Customer Experience Innovation Division at LG Electronics. “With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we will strive to offer unparalleled customised solutions that cater specifically to each individual’s preferences, ensuring a personalised and delightful coffee journey where customer participation plays a vital role.”

Interestingly, Duobo by LG Labs is available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter from now with early supporters able to save 50 percent with the limited Super Early Bird deal of US$399, available only on Kickstarter. At the time of writing only 75 of the 250 Super Early Bird deals were still available with over US$92,000 secured for funding already (well past the US$5,000 goal).

For more information head on over to http://www.official-duobo.com.