Not only are Audi making a splash at the Melbourne EV Show this weekend but there are a raft of other car manufacturers alongside charging companies, electric bike manufacturers and more, in fact there is something for anyone interested in electrifying their transport.


Hyundai are front and centre with their EV fleet and it is an impressive fleet. You can get hands on with an Ionic 5 N, an Ionic 6, the new Kona (coming to Australia later this year) and more. Having seen the Ionic 6 up close I can say I am still not a fan of the design but the Ionic 5 I am here for and the more I see the more I love it.


The biggest stand of the show is reserved for Peugeot with their newest e-2008 SUV fully electric car alongside the commercial e-Partner and three various plug in hybrids. I got inside the e-2008 SUV and was impressed with what I saw (sorry to the Peugeot folks after I accidentally changed their infotainment system into French). The controls look fairly simple but the styling was spot on.

The e-2008 is the hero here and starts at $59,990 with a WLTP test range of 328 km.


Polestar 2 was a big hit and I was exceptionally close to buying one myself but the CFO over-ruled me on that one. If you thought the Polestar 2 was good, you haven’t seen anything yet. The Polestar 3 is a medium-sized SUV and the design is distinctively Polestar in its design but it looks exceptionally premium.

Inside the styling is even more premium but for me the cockpit just feels a bit cramped — as it did on the Polestar 2. Starting at $132,900 the Polestar is set to offer a premium experience to anyone interested.


Other cars to check out include some cuter little cars from GWM, Fiat, Kia with their EV6 , and EV9, McLaren for those with a lot of spare pocket change, Abarth, Cupra, Alfa Romeo with of course a lot of Teslas to check out with a walk down the history of Telsa models thanks to the Tesla Owners of Australia club.


If you are unsure or just want to make some enquiries there are several charging infrastructure manufacturers. There is a heap of information not just for those interested in DC charging at home but also commercial charging stations.


Electric bikes and scooters are also well represented including an Audi electric mountain bike that looks amazing! With so many of our trips being shorter than 10km, often an EV bike is a great option to greenify your life.

If you are interested in electric vehicles the Melbourne EV Show is right up your alley and if you have nothing to do why not head on down to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. You can find out more abut the show here.